Korean Seafood Party in Queens - Sik Gaek

 Light up the blue jelly, baby.  It's dinnertime.
A brave army was assembled.   We journeyed to Woodside, Queens in search of a Korean dinner experience unlike any before.  We discovered the magical world of Sik Gaek. 

 But first, a Public Service Announcement from our sponsors.

Pancakes and soju to start.  Clam and Leek pancake (top).  Kimchi pancake (bottom).
Dang, both pancakes were super.

 Ah hah!  There she is - the main squeeze.  The Seafood Hot Pot. 
 This pot be blowin' mindz!
Truly fresh and delicious seafood party, swimming in a pool of noodles and broth.

Joe and mighty tasty fried rice.  They made this goodness for us with some of the leftover bits.

I think Barry's shirt says "I survived Sik Gaek"...
This dinner was epic.
Worth the trip from anywhere. 
Sik Gaek, we will be back for more.


EPIC MEAT - The Indoor BBQ Brisket

 Take a gander at that. Behold, the beef brisket. It's a thing of beauty.

We here at Dinnergeddon's New York branch aim to make an epic barbeque brisket sandwich - from scratch. What better way to bring in the spring and summer times?
But wait! We don't have a place to grill! And for that matter, we don't even own a grill.
Not to fret, we will tackle this challege. How does one create epic barbeque brisket in the apartment oven?
Dinnergeddon finds out.
TOTAL IMPROVISATION = successful BBQ Brisket sandwiches.

 First stop, neighborhood butcher shop. They cut us a righteous hunk of beef brisket. We take her home and slice her up, just small enough to fit in the oven tray. We slice off the huge hunks of fat - but don't discard that goodness, we'll need it later! Rub her down with salt, cracked pepper, and olive oil. Go nuts with it.

Mark rubs it all in and displays The Good Stuff.

 The fat awaits its' role.  Brother Stephen Briggs says, "Fat = Flavor".  Truer words were never spoken.

Olive Oil goes in pan.  Flame on high.  Drop in seasoned brisket.  Sear on both sides.

 This is the brisket after the pan sear.

 Line up the boys in an oven tray.  Find something with holes to elevate them while they cook, so the juices can drip down.  Pour some apple cider vinegar around the pan.  Flavor and aroma!

Steve slices up the brisket fat.

We will place the fat slices right on top of these puppies, so it can ooze down through the meat as it slow cooks!

Strategic Fat Placement.

 Place fat-topped, seared brisket tray into the oven.  Now, onward to other business.

 What's a BBQ Brisket without a side of baked beans?  NOTHIN' SPECIAL.  So, we find all the beans in the cupboard.  All different kinds.  We cook the beans, and empty them into a collander, where they can get to know each other.

Amey slices up Mr. Onion for flavor.

Roast a jalepeno pepper over an open flame.  When it's ready to use, it should be blackened on the outside. 

 The neighborhood butcher sold us this incredible bacon.  They smoke it in-house.

 Chop up all the business.  Garlic, roasted jalepeno pepper, fresh green pepper, bacon.

 Throw the chopped goods into a pot with the beans.  Add molasses, maple syrup, whiskey, whatever looks right for the job.  This ain't a science.

 Let's check on our brisket.  She's thirsty!  We keep her moist with the Budweiser we're drinking.

What's a BBQ without some fresh-squeezed lemonade?  NOTHIN' SPECIAL.  Amey sqeezes those lemons, we add sugar, then some Jack Daniels. 

 And what's a BBQ without homemade coleslaw?  You guessed it, NOTHIN' SPECIAL!  Steve grates carrots for his super secret slaw surprise.

Chop up loads of cabbage too!




Mix Mayonaise, celery seed, and some other stuff we can't tell you. Beautiful.

Must have Potato Chips

Get some fluffy buns!  We opted for both the classics: sesame seed and potato roll.

Now, pull the brisket out and chop her up! She's ready to go!


Serve with a homemade BBQ sauce from scratch. We made homemade ketchup, then mixed it with worschester sauce and hot sauce. Serve with a refreshing summer salad too!

Gather 'round, friends!

Put the brisket on the bun. Add the homemade BBQ sauce and coleslaw.
Pause and Admire.

Put on your favorite cowboy hat and country music record. Get ready to CHOW.

Clean Plate Club.

Next step. Good clean fun. Spoon hanging, naturally.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you make an epic barbeque brisket - inside your very own apartment!


Octopus Burger

Look at this Octopus Burger.


Just look at it.

It is the best thing that I ate on my recent DINNERGEDDON visit to Berlin, Germany.
(Not Berlin, USA...)

It came from the excellent White Trash Fast Food, which is not just a killer burger joint, but also a live music venue, night club, and late night tattoo parlour!

Hmm. Can't think of anything that could possibly go wrong with having a rock club and tattoo parlour under the same roof...


On the subject of this incredible Octopus Burger, the White Trash menu has this to say:

"100% yummy, funny looking food. In Puglia, everyone eats it. Young and old people, even the McDonalds there serve the 'Tentacle Supreme Burger'. Now we bring civilisation to the primitive Berliner food ghetto. One whole octopus, marinated, grilled, and served on a bun with Fuck You fries..."

That kinda says it all.

When they say "one whole octopus" they mean it! This thing was HUGE! It was also exceptionally well cooked. Light, soft, not rubbery or overcooked at all. I seriously could eat about a hundred of these.

In fact, I was so busy eating it, I only took the one photo of it... But here's the same picture again so you can get another look at this beauty!


I mean... DAMN.

If this food was a film, it would definitely be: